Whirlpool in the Top Service ranking also for 2021


As for the last edition, also for 2021 Whirlpool entered the Top Service ranking, drawn up by ITQF (German Institute for Quality and Finance). According to the analysis conducted in September 2020, which involved about 1,319 companies from 152 different sectors of the Italian economy, Whirlpool is still among the best companies in Italy for the quality of the service. In line with this commitment, the Hotpoint brand has launched Hotpoint Care+, the new service through which consumers can contact more than 100 experts and technicians of the brand both by phone and via chat. In case of special needs, the new service provides a technician’s intervention within 48 hours from the request for assistance in 90% of the cases. Furthermore, with Hotpoint Care+ managing the appointment with the technician is easy: at the time of the request for assistance, the consumer receives a SMS with all the information relating to the type of assistance and a second notification confirming the appointment 24 hours before the intervention. Among the appliances included in this new service there is the Hotpoint Space 400 refrigerator.


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