The hygienizer anodization of Anodica Trevigiana


Using the HygenOx silver ion technology, Anodica Trevigiana is able to impart hygienizer properties to the anodized aluminium. This patented solution (which can be applied also in the household appliances sector) was developed a few years ago by the R&D team at Anodica Trevigiana but now the issues of health and hygiene are even more important. The process to produce the HygenOx finish was developed in collaboration with one of Italy’s major universities. It involves a special process of hygienizer anodization, during which silver ions are dispersed throughout the layer undergoing treatment. Thanks to this treatment, the anodized surface acquires new properties that are able to significantly reduce any bacterial load, taking its values close to zero within 8h. The HygenOx finish can be applied to any element made of anodizable aluminium alloy. The hygienizer properties of HygenOx are certified by tests performed in compliance with the ISO 22196 standard by several independent laboratories. It has also been validated by BioCote, a UK-based leading company in antimicrobial solutions, which has recently successfully tested the effectiveness of its solutions, also based on silver ions, on a strain of virus in the CoronaVirus family (even though not yet tested specifically on SARS-CoV-2).


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