Whirlpool presents its new app


Whirlpool brand’s mobile app just got even better for 2021, with a completely new app on both Android and iOS devices. The team at Whirlpool Corporation’s flagship brand is calling this refresh Whirlpool App 2.0. “As the name denotes, it’s an entire revamp of the Whirlpool app – said Digital Brand Manager Blake Bancroft -. It’s a completely new experience built from the ground up”. The app allows users to control their smart appliances, but there is additional appeal for those users who don’t yet have a smart appliance in their home, such as article content from the brand’s Appliance IQ blog. “We saw this as a great opportunity to start incorporating some of that additional content – explained Bancroft -. It includes useful home and appliance tips to help make our consumers’ days run smoothly”. The update includes many experience updates such as making Scan-to-Cook technology readily accessible to get the right settings for frozen meals every time and direct links to recipes from Yummly brand. Consumers can also still get appliance info and customer support on their smart appliances from the app. “An upcoming release will focus on ‘Smart Reordering’ for our smart capable top load laundry washer and dryers – said Bancroft -. Consumers who enroll in smart reordering get discounted laundry supplies, such as detergent or dryer sheets, automatically delivered when it looks like they are running low”.


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