Miele launched the “Quality Ahead of Its Time” campaign


Miele has launched “Quality Ahead of Its Time“, an emotional campaign dedicated to the brand, its history and its values, in which the constant search for quality emerges as a vocation and a fundamental trait of the brand identity. The campaign is structured on two levels: the first is a manifesto focused on the 120-year history of the brand, on its attention to the quality and the ability to combine excellent performance, reliability and long lasting appliances. Quality is also the hallmark of the three pillars of the brand identity, represented by suggestive videos: craftsmanship, performance, sustainability. The second level focuses on the wide range of Miele products and their technical characteristics. The four main product categories (dishwashers, kitchen, vacuum cleaners, washing machines) are told in detail with creativity and ad hoc videos, always through the common thread of quality. All campaign contents will be online until the end of July.