The new e-commerce of the Gruppo Comestero Sistemi

651 is the e-commerce site of Gruppo Comestero Sistemi. The new website aims to offer a more efficient service to B2B and B2C customers by adding more detailed technical information, allowing the online purchase for each product on sale and improving the use of information by users, allowing an ever greater connection between customers, companies and suppliers. “The new e-commerce of the group was also designed with the needs of a B2C consumer target in mind, thanks to the use of even more intuitive graphics and a wide range of available proposals – the company says -. Now on the portal customers can find cards including technical specifications, images and explanatory videos, while the search engine has also been enhanced which now can count on a series of filters dedicated to each category, which allows the user to obtain very accurate results among the many articles present. The new e-commerce is an essential milestone in the overall process of digitalization and business innovation that we have undertaken and on which there are high expectations and attention”.