COOKING APPLIANCES: Electrolux’s opinion

Chiara Colombini, Product Line Director Taste of Electrolux

“All cooking products by Electrolux and AEG brands spring from an attentive study of consumers’ requirements and habits – says Chiara Colombini, Product Line Director Taste of Electrolux-; for this reason, our technologies are not an end in themselves but they are conceived to improve concretely users’ life quality. With the new range of Electrolux ovens, for instance, in addition to the various steam cooking functions (only humidity, 25%, 50% and 100% steam regeneration) we have introduced the innovative Steamify function: we have just to select with a single gesture the cooking type on the touch interface – from a simple gratin to the preparation of lasagne, vacuum-packed meat or fish – and the oven automatically adjusts temperature and steam percentage.

SteamBoost EOB9S21WX by Electrolux with Steamify function

The hero model of the brand, SteamBoost EOB9S21WX, is equipped with as many as 21 cooking functions, 6 of which with steam. The steam cooking not only exalts the taste of each recipe and confers a higher nutritional quality, but it is an excellent ally against the food waste: the special programme “Regenerate with steam”, in fact, allows warming up each dish previously cooked, enhancing tastes and consistency as if it had been just prepared. Concerning AEG brand, the most advanced SteamPro model is equipped with internal connected CookView camera that, through My AEG App, allows monitoring in real time the progress status, the cooking time and the dish temperature from one’s own smartphone or tablet, regulating the camera lighting and sharing the image directly with friends or relatives. Furthermore, connection, dialogue and perfection characterize SensePro, the exclusive AEG induction hob equipped with wireless thermal probe. This hob redefines the Assisted Cooking: a simple control is enough to select the foods chosen, the desired cooking method and to insert FoodProbe directly in the core of ingredients. The innovative probe measures their temperature with accuracy and communicates in real time with SensePro that, in full autonomy, adjusts the heat intensity for each zone used, perfecting the initial setups. With SenseBoil model by Electrolux, finally, the cooking experience turns into a relaxing moment to express one’s own personality, without the concern of having to check, step by step, the cooking trend: a special sensor equipping the 4 cooking zones perceives, in fact, the vibration of the water boiling and automatically adjusts the heat level to make it simmer, avoiding spills from the pot”.

SensePro by AEG is equipped with wireless thermal probe