Patrizia Serioli, Cooking & Refrigerator Product Manager of Miele

“Our state-of-the-art ovens are equipped with innovative functions, able to foresee consumers’ requirements and to simply life in the kitchen – Patrizia Serioli, Cooking & Refrigerator Product Manager of Miele, says -. To leave more time to cooking lovers, we have equipped our ovens with the integrated FoodView camera that allows controlling also from remote the food cooking state, intervening if necessary. Therefore, remaining close to the oven for the whole cooking time, to avoid that foods burn or excessively dry, will be no longer necessary. This also due to the TasteControl function: at the programme end, the compartment automatically opens, quickly decreasing the internal temperature, and then closes autonomously to keep the dish at the ideal serving temperature. Still with the aim of saving time, to focus on different preparations is easier and easier with Miele: MotionReact sensor technology, in fact, automatically activates the light inside the cooking space when you approach it, permitting to control the recipe trend even if you have dirty or busy hands.

MotionReact technology and TasteControl function characterize state-of-the-art Miele ovens

Besides, regarding hobs, to assure the possibility of cooking dishes in uniform and optimal manner, without the risk of burning ingredients, we have equipped our induction appliances (for instance the KM 7899 F model) with a cooking zone with modern TempControl technology, which delivers a constant temperature directly in the area where the pan is positioned. Then, it will be possible to prepare crêpes uniformly cooked from the beginning to the end, or to fry without oil overheating”.

TempControl technology by Miele keeps temperature constant in the hob area where you are cooking.