Electrolux Food Foundation launches Replate


The Electrolux Food Foundation launches Replate, a website that encourages a rethink of food choices to make a positive difference to the health of our bodies and that of our planet. Global awareness about food and its impact on the planet has amplified in recent years. There’s a lot of information readily available but the science of it can be complicated. Replate helps those interested in or even new to the topic of sustainable eating and cooking to effortlessly access facts, stats and need-to-knows from credible sources including EAT-Lancet and WWF. “Greenhouse gases, biodiversity and obesity are three global issues we all can address every mealtime – says Ingrid Mellstig, Head of Electrolux Food Foundation -. It’s time to rethink food choices and what we put on our plate and we want Replate.com to be an informative and easy-to-use guide”. The Electrolux Food Foundation has created Replate as a complement to its existing educational and community-based training programs that focus on sustainable eating.


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