New Samsung SmartThings Energy to manage energy usage


SmartThings Energy is a new service within Samsung ElectronicsIoT app and allows users to take control of their energy consumption by providing real-time information on where and how energy is being used within the home. Thanks to extensive growth of its partnership network, SmartThings Energy is growing into a smart energy management solution able to encompass the energy consumption of every appliance in a home, and even integrates such newer, renewable energy sources as solar. “SmartThings Energy’s core capability is its ability to monitor and analyze the energy used by devices and appliances connected to the SmartThings platform – Samsung says -. Users are provided with a comprehensive view of how their devices use energy so they can take control of their energy consumption and reduce their monthly energy bill. Not only can the service be harnessed to automatically switch appliances to low energy mode and prevent appliances from running when no one is at home, the service can also notify when the energy consumption exceeds monthly targets. SmartThings Energy can also use energy billing system information, including peak time rates, in order to help adjust the energy usage and subsequently minimize energy costs“. Available in Korea, India, the U.S. and the U.K., SmartThings Energy currently supports most Samsung Home Appliances and HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) products. In the future, SmartThings Energy is set to expand into more regions and support compatibility with a range of Works With SmartThings (WWST) 3rd-party partners.


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