Satiplugs: an absolute commitment to customers


Satiplugs, company specialized in the moulding of electric cables with die-cast plug, assures punctual high-quality supplies, despite market criticalities.

The numerous criticalities that global markets are facing, especially in the provisioning of raw materials, have not stopped the operation and the commitment of Satiplugs, Italian company specialized in the moulding of electric cables with die-cast plug for the industrial sector. The company has in fact succeeded in facing the complex scenarios in recent years, going on assuring punctual high-quality supplies to its customers. This is due to passion, dedication, zeal and highly motivated staff, which have allowed the company, currently managed by the second generation of the founder family, to face the situation with optimism and concreteness. The positive results of the strategy and of the commitment by Satiplugs are mirrored in the rising turnover, in the interesting job orders and in the stronger and stronger fidelization of historical customers.
«Businesses must still deal with many challenges – the company states -. We cope essentially with a shortage of raw materials such as polymers, iron, copper and aluminium, factor that is hindering production and economy. In addition, the difficult situation of China, with blocked ports, delays in departures and notably extended manufacturing times. In spite of that, Satiplugs is always willing to comply with the supplies for its customers, supplies of vital importance to avoid production stops, noxious for all companies». Established in 1972 in Varese province, the company can offer a broad range of die-cast plugs and electric power supply cables, manufactured upon technical specifications directly provided by its customers.