Ariston: sustainable comfort in the smart home


For its solutions, Ariston – the main brand of Ariston Group – was among the companies participating in the conference “The Smart Home resumes running and opens the door to services”, promoted by the Internet of Things Observatory of the School of Management of the university “Politecnico di Milano”. During the event, the data collected by the Observatory were presented, from which it emerges that in 2021 the market of connected objects for the heating and air conditioning management grew by 45% compared to 2020 (reaching 110 million euros, equal to 17% of the market). Besides, considering the people who purchased connected solutions for heating/cooling and for the production of domestic hot water in 2021, 46% opted for thermostats, 42% for air conditioners, 28% for boilers and 17% for thermostatic valves. The solutions proposed by Ariston allow for the collection of large amounts of data on the energy used, which are useful both for improving the products and services offered, and for allowing people to have an accurate account of the energy used. The Ariston NET app, in addition to offering the possibility to manage the product remotely and easily, allows people to have a greater awareness of consumption through an analysis of the collected data, which translates into energy savings and, consequently, in a lower impact of the products on the environment.