Cassioli’s solution for Arctic Ulmi


The Arctic Ulmi factory (Romania) is specialized in the production of washing machines. Since 2002, the majority shareholding of Arctic has been acquired by the Arçelik group, which invested over 135 million euros in new technologies and in modern production management systems. Arctic turned to Cassioli for the automation of the warehouses and the connection of the plant production lines. “The Ulmi factory – Cassioli explains – needed state-of-the-art automatic systems, capable of storing raw materials and finished products, as well as automatic handling systems for the supply of assembly lines for washing machines”. The Cassioli solution includes 4 automated warehouses; 18 stacker cranes (miniload and unitload); 1200 meters of RGV lines; chain conveyors; SLS – Rail Guided Vehicles; 16 dropping points for AGV; 66 EMS – Electrified Monorail Systems; 84 dropping points for EMS; and supply lines for the assembly of washing machines. “The entire plant within the Arctic factory in Ulmi is spread over 3 different levels: the ground floor, the mezzanine floor at a height of 5 meters and the floor where the EMS shuttles operate, at a height of 9 meters – Cassioli adds –. Inside the plant there are 4 different automated warehouses and different handling systems that allow to move all types of material and products in a completely automatic way. Cassioli allowed the automation of the entire assembly process, making sure that the factory was fully digitalized, thus obtaining a significant reduction in production times and operating costs. The systems installed allowed the storage of the 4 main elements that make up the washing machines, namely tubs, tub covers, baskets and cabinets. All these components, once manufactured and verified in the test areas, are transported through special automatic conveyors and SLS shuttles to the warehouse. In addition to the storage of these 4 components, Cassioli has also created special lines and automatic systems for the handling and storage of other components, necessary for the assembly of washing machines. To do this, conveyors, SLS trolleys, AGV and EMS automatic vehicles were used. The components from the suppliers are transported to the warehouse through conveyors and then, through EMS shuttles that move on suspended tracks (up to 84 dropping points), are positioned on the ground where the crates with the components are lowered from above, so the operators receive the materials to be assembled. Thanks to the installation of Cassioli automatic systems, the plant was recognized by the Word Economic Forum as a model to follow in the application of the principles of Industry 4.0, managing to integrate the technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution to increase production efficiency: a fully digitalized industry, where all processes are interconnected with each other. All the processes take place independently, with human-machine interfaces that inform operators in real time, thus increasing efficiency and minimizing errors”.