Slim talks about the air purification with light


As highlighted by Slim (company that realizes lighting solutions), today we are hearing more and more about air purification in combination with UV light HVAC systems and about the importance of combining these functions. “The use of UV light as a method of disinfection – Slim explains – dates back to the end of the 19th century when scientists demonstrated that ultraviolet rays could destroy bacteria and viruses. UV-C rays have germicidal properties that can eliminate spores, fungi, bacteria, molds and mites because they act directly on their DNA, destroying it and inhibiting reproduction or proliferation. One of the main advantages of using UV-C light is its effectiveness: it works successfully against all organisms without creating resistance. HVAC UV light refers to heating, ventilation and air conditioning devices that contain a luminous solution capable of sanitising the air through UV rays. According to the Italian Ministry of Health, after the recent developments of the Covid-19 pandemic, sanitisation is to be understood as ‘a complex of cleaning and disinfection procedures and operations that also includes air purification’. This practice contributes to laying the foundations for improved environmental conditions, which is one of the primary purposes of HVAC systems. Therefore, today, in the field of environmental comfort management, air purification is also a key factor in achieving optimum quality levels.
HVAC UV light systems are designed to use a particular short wavelength, from 200nm to 280nm, which is capable of affecting the DNA of microorganisms. The ultraviolet radiation produced can be dangerous to humans and animals, so during the design process, the housing for the light is carefully studied so that it does not escape. The purpose of these devices is to provide clean and healthy air in addition to thermal comfort, to protect people’s health. The latest generation of HVAC devices are safe and sustainable state-of-the-art purification systems”. With its activity, Slim is also involved in the development of customised solutions with UV-C LED light. “Through a constant commitment to research – the company says –, we aim to develop new systems that are safer, more functional and of higher quality”.