A lesson with Rold at Politecnico di Milano


Rold ran a workshop at Politecnico di Milano – Department of Mechanical Engineering, within the course “Horizontal competencies”, to present the path towards its first Sustainability Plan. “We discussed the importance of applying a holistic approach to target environmental and social aspects and presented how we engaged all Rold people in our SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) workshops – the company explains –. Rold Academy has indeed organised 17 workshops, each focusing on Agenda 2030, one specific SDG and the sustainable development. We have identified 17 Ambassadors within Rold, who have planned, organised and delivered activities of their workshop, which was structured as follows: an introduction on the definition of sustainable development and on the Ambition of the Agenda 2030; a focus on a specific SDG; co-creation of possible initiatives to be promoted in Rold in order to contribute to the achievement of the SDGs”.