The smart technologies of Hitachi FrostWash air conditioners


Hitachi Cooling & Heating FrostWash air conditioners feature the FrostWash function that is not a simple air filtration and purification system, but an innovative technology that captures, freezes and washes away dust, mold and impurities. The ice crystals produced during the cooling phase and the drops of water generated in the subsequent defrosting phase allow in fact to obtain a deep cleaning, neutralizing 91% of bacteria and 87% of molds that are deposited inside the air conditioner. Activated automatically and by remote control, FrostWash technology allows user to introduce cleaner air into the environment and make the air conditioner more efficient by reducing energy consumption by up to 10%. Besides, the new airCloud Home app guarantees connectivity with all mobile devices and intelligent management of the Hitachi air conditioner through voice control with Alexa and Google Home. In addition, the Smart Geo Fence geolocation function detects the presence of the user, automatically adjusting the switching on, off and the temperature of the air conditioner according to habits and lifestyle. Among the models of the FrostWash residential range, Dodai is the most compact (780 mm wide): the product is in class A++ and is equipped with Eco function, Vacation mode and noise level of 20 dB.