Neato presents “Customize your clean”


Neato Robotics presents the “Customize your clean” initiative which includes the global launch of Neato Fragrance Pods and the filters for Neato D-Series devices. The new accessories join a wide range of features and accessories, including the new Neato Pet Brush and the software updates that allow user to create a personalized cleaning experience.

Neato Fragrance Pods
Neato offers three different fragrances. The new perfumes are “Sweet” (apple-melon), “Calm” (delicate lavender) and “Fresh” (citrus). Neato Pods fragrances will help consumers freshen the domestic air, while the robots will vacuum dirt and dust from floors. The Fragrance Pods are compatible with Neato Robotics Ultra-Perfomance and the True HEPA filters.

Neato Pet Brush
The new Neato Pet Brush was created for owners of pets with medium or long hair. It is a larger brush that can collect up to 25% more hair than a common brush. The Pet Brush joins the existing Neato Helix Multi-Surface Brush (50% quieter cleaning on hard surfaces) and Spiral Combo Brush, a multifunction brush included in the Neato D8 models.

Software Updates
The new software updates allow users to adapt and modify the cleaning experience according to their needs. Thanks to the MyNeato app, users can program the cleaning routine, establish which rooms to clean and in what order, the frequency, the cleaning mode to use based on the type of surface, etc. Neato Robotics also presented the Quick Boost feature, which can reduce the cleaning process by a few minutes or hours, using machine learning and artificial intelligence to calculate the space left to clean. The robot, if unloaded, will recharge only as much as necessary to complete the operation rather than 100% charged.