Samsung: new HVAC products and digital services


Samsung Electronics Air Conditioner Europe is presenting its heat pump solutions and other innovative products and digital services in the occasion of ISH trade fair. The EHS Mono HT Quiet (high temperature, low noise heat pump) is ideal for the residential renovation market. It combines advanced features and new technologies to achieve hot water temperatures of up to 70°C for domestic heating purposes, and operates at noise levels as low as 35 d(BA), using a 4-step Quiet mode. Its high leaving water temperature make it an especially relevant solution for retrofits, replacing fossil-fuel based heating systems. Additionally, the EHS Mono HT Quiet is easy to install and maintain, and is capable of providing reliable heating performance even in extremely cold weather (temperatures as low as -25°C). This heat pump has recently received the Design Plus powered by ISH award in the category heating/air conditioning, and is also Quiet Mark Certified. The newest addition to Samsung’s range of premium high temperature monobloc heat pump solutions is the EHS Mono R290, equipped with Propane (R290), a natural refrigerant with a much lower global warming potential (GWP) compared to refrigerant technologies such as R32. By introducing this new range, Samsung is prepared to follow future F-gas regulations that are poised to enter into force in a few years.

EHS Mono HT Quiet

In addition, SmartThings Energy combines connected living and IoT with home energy monitoring, individual device monitoring and energy efficiency. With this solution, users are empowered to take control of their household energy usage. Based on user habits, the app recommends ways for users to be more energy efficient, and enables easy monitoring and management of energy usage of a wide range of appliances in the home. Overall, SmartThings Energy integrates functionalities that support “Net Zero Home” installations (for example heat pumps in combination with photovoltaic solutions, electric vehicle chargers and energy efficient solutions). Finally, EHS Cloud Service is a new cloud-based solution designed to empower technical partners, such as installers, to offer proactive service and support to their customers. It can provide data and insights that enable the remote optimization of a unit’s performance, along with real-time issue resolution. With the EHS Cloud Service, users benefit from the possibility for remote service escalation, as well as features such as live updates for monitoring system behavior, automated reporting, energy consumption overviews, and map overviews to facilitate field visits.