Bosch: new range of washing machines and dryers


Bosch has launched its new range of Series 8 washing machines and dryers. In the washers, the energy efficiency exceeds the class A by 20%. In addition, the optimization of the washing parameters, the Eco Silence Drive motor and the 4DWS spraying system ensure highly efficient washing. Thanks to the i-DOS technology, these products automatically and accurately dose the amount of detergent and softener required for washing, taking into account the type and volume of laundry, the degree of dirt and the water hardness. The new series is equipped with advanced washing programs such as Iron Assist (which treats dry and creased garments with delicate steam, reducing the creases up to 50%), Hygiene Plus (for eliminating germs and bacteria up to 99.99% already at 40°C) and the Anti-Stain Plus System which removes up to 16 stubborn stains. Finally, with the Mini Option, when the user wishes to wash single items or small loads of up to 0.5 kg, the washing machine sets the correct parameters to adjust the washing time and the use of resources in order to avoid waste. As for the new Series 8 dryers, these appliances are in energy efficiency class A+++. They are equipped with a self-cleaning condenser and the Iron Assist program, which thanks to the steam makes ironing easier or avoids it completely. Furthermore, thanks to the connectivity and the Smart Dry program, the dryer communicates directly with the washing machine to receive all the parameters of the washing program that has just ended and independently set the most suitable drying program. These appliances are connected to the Home Connect app.