InSinkErator: the 4N1 Touch tap named “Best Kitchen Faucet” at the Ideal Home Kitchen Awards 2023


The high-tech 4N1 Touch tap from InSinkErator has been voted the “Best Kitchen Faucet” at the Ideal Home Kitchen Awards 2023. “It may look like just a regular (albeit, elegant) kitchen tap, but the 4N1 Touch tap offers so much more – the jury said –. As well as providing normal hot and cold water, it can also produce filtered cold water and steaming hot water, too. But it’s the design of the tap that we really loved. Uncompromised by the tech within, the tap comes in a wide range of finishes and shapes so you’re bound to find a style to suit your kitchen”. In detail, the product offers 4 functions: normal hot and cold water; filtered cold water adjustable at the touch of the button (the flow lasts 30 seconds, but if the user wishes to stop it earlier a second touch of the dedicated button will stop it immediately); very hot filtered water at a temperature approaching boiling (99°C); and chilled filtered water at a temperature between 3°C and 10°C. Besides, InSinkErator also proposes the “4N1 Black Velvet”, an elegant black brushed steel version.