The importance of effective communication

Image by Florian Pircher from Pixabay

How to deal with communication both personally and professionally? How best to approach meetings or conclude important contracts? Accademia Tecniche Nuove offers the series of courses dedicated to effective communication: they will talk about public speaking, how to improve the presentations, how to effectively manage a webinar and how to make the best and most professional use of social media.

In every communication, two or more parties come into play in a mutual exchange that gives rise to interactions. Communicating effectively – in meetings, conferences, webinars, consensus conferences, digital channels – means adopting all the strategies that allow the speaker to convey the message correctly, maintain a good level of interactivity and collect the appropriate feedback from participants.

In planning any communication that is to be effective, several aspects must be evaluated:

  • the content, i.e. “what you want to communicate”;
  • who you are addressing, i.e. “who is my audience”;
  • how the content is to be presented, i.e. “how I convey the content”;
  • through which channel, in presence or digital modes.

The 4 related courses in the series L’importanza di una comunicazione efficace (The importance of effective communication) are aimed at helping people acquire or enhance their ability to plan effective communication, which is the basis for building a quality relationship both with others and with themselves. Knowing how to relate and communicate effectively with others, be they co-workers, customers, suppliers or family members, is the basis of every successful development project.

Participants will be helped by 4 online professional development courses (video lectures, tutorials, downloadable pdf material).


Finding inspiration for presentations and tricks to make them professional

In one hour of study, the course will provide participants with the basics and tools to build presentations through which they can effectively communicate the content to the audience. They will discover what makes an incisive presentation and how to make the best and simplest use of the tools that the main programmes offer.

  • Create effective presentations on any topic.
  • Know basic communication elements to benefit the presentation.
  • Create slides quickly, easily and effectively.
  • Learn simple tricks for making clear, coherent and impactful slides.

Getting to know the basic elements of public speaking and acquiring useful tools right away

Three hours of study to get to know public speaking up close, to discover which are the basic elements that characterise it and which are the techniques and good practices to follow in order to construct a speech that succeeds in holding the audience’s attention and being effective. Starting with a few elements of communication that provide the context, the course will go into the specifics of creating valid content, using body language that is consistent with what is intended to convey, and managing the elements that, willingly or unwillingly, take the stage with the speaker. At the end the participants will have the main tools useful for constructing their next speech and communicating effectively with the audience.

  • Improve the effectiveness of the communication in public.
  • Acquire skills for effective presentation.
  • Learn how to relate effectively with the audience by managing elements of non-verbal communication (body, gaze, …).
  • Learn techniques for constructing speeches that keep the audience engaged.
  • Acquire emotional management tools.

Learning how to choose the right digital channel for a professional objective

In an hour and 30 minutes of study, participants will understand how these tools, now ubiquitous in the daily lives of almost all people, can prove to be functional allies in creating networks between professionals that can support the processes of: continuous training, research, sharing, updating and so on. This course focuses on the use of social media at a professional level and for interaction between professional colleagues.

  • Know the characteristics of the main social media used.
  • Get to know the essential elements of a professional social media presence.
  • Learn the basic interaction tools to maintain an active social media presence at a professional level.
  • Learn how to write effective content and which types to prefer.
  • Use basic communication tools to manage communication with online social networks.

Learning more about what it means to design and deliver an effective webinar today, what keeps attention levels high and what tools support in maximising the online experience

This two-hour course is dedicated to understanding how to make the experience of managing the digital tool to create webinars effective and follow all the functional steps to get the most out of the online meeting. Participants will get to know some fundamentals related to the form and useful settings to choose so as to have a defined framework within which to move and, at the same time, they will discover how to put in place some useful communication tools to take care of relationships even when mediated by a screen.

  • Get to know tools to realise and manage an effective webinar in all its phases.
  • How to define content and presentations for webinar communication.
  • Know techniques for handling questions and objections.
  • Use interpersonal communication tools during the webinar to maintain the relationship with the audience.