2Gether by Franke: a range designed for different needs

Mythos 2Gether Glass

Among the Franke’s latest proposals is the new range of 2Gether hobs with integrated hood, which includes different variants of this 2-in-1 appliance. The top of the range is Mythos 2Gether Glass, which stands out for its elegant glass surface and for the sophisticated grid. It has 9 power levels and a boost level, 4 induction zones and 2 flexible areas for larger pans. The surfaces are easy to clean and the grid is heat and scratch resistant. Furthermore, Mythos 2Gether Glass boasts the energy class A+ and a suction power of 620 m3/h, with an Intensive function for a quick intake of fresh air when needed.
Smart 2Gether is instead designed for narrow spaces. Smaller in size, it can fit into a standard 60 cm base. The appliance has 4 induction zones, 1 flexible zone and 9 heat levels + booster. In addition, it boasts the energy class A++ and a low noise level.
As for the model Mythos 2Gether, it combines performance and efficiency thanks to the suction power of 700 m3/h and the energy class A+++. It features 4 induction zones, including 2 flexible areas. Finally, Maris 2Gether offers a reliable and robust solution with a suction power of up to 700 m3/h and energy class A++. This model is built to withstand the most demanding preparations, ensuring long-lasting performance.