New PED certification for C.A.E.M.


C.A.E.M. SRL, specialized in the manufacturing of bulb and capillary thermostats, and relative manual-reset safety devices and sensitive elements, has recently obtained the PED (Pressure Equipment Directive) certification. It is a product directive issued by the European Community (2014/68/EU), come into force in Italy on February 15th 2016 with the Legislative Decree n. 26, which rules the design, the manufacturing and the safe installation of pressure equipment or of the assemblies that contain at least one of them, to grant the marketing of these tools in the whole European territory. PED identifies the manufacturer as the only responsible for the production process. Only after severe tests, which assess and indicate the dangerousness level, pressure equipment that satisfy the Directive’s requisites can receive the EC marking. This directive applies to appliances with pressure exceeding 0.5 bars, like for instance: vessels (condensers, compressors, heat exchangers, gas or steam tanks…); piping (tube or tube bundles, fittings…); pressure accessories (hydraulic valves…); safety accessories (pressure switches, thermostats…); assemblies (various pressure equipment assembled).
In household appliances, as well as in the various industrial applications, a pressure exceeding 0.5 bars is a condition that frequently occurs and even important values can be reached. The application of such regulation on C.A.E.M. products allows its customers to install thermostats inside plants (they too subjected to such Regulation), to control their temperature and then indirectly also pressure, intervening if parameters do not comply with the established safety parameters.