IFA 2023: “Design for All” in the LG’s Universal UP Kit


At IFA 2023, LG Electronics will unveil its new “Universal UP Kit”, a collection of innovative home appliance accessories and add-ons embracing universal design and made from recycled materials. This proposal has been crafted to enhance usability for individuals facing physical challenges. Customers can seamlessly integrate Universal UP Kit products into their existing LG home appliances so that the whole item does not need to be replaced, elevating user experience without the need to upgrade to the latest models. “To aid in developing the Universal UP Kit – the company explains – LG enlisted the help of its Accessibility Advisory Council, an independent board, an assembly of individuals with health conditions such as hearing or vision impairments and cerebral palsy. The council’s members shared their insights, experiences and the challenges they had experienced while using various home appliances. LG compiled, categorized and analyzed the individual feedback, shaping the foundation of the Universal UP Kit design and steering the course for future accessibility-led projects”. This collaborative effort led to the creation of “aid kits” featuring solutions engineered from recycled plastics utilized to help conserve resources and minimize waste. The Universal UP Kit comprises a wide spectrum of LG home appliances, including refrigerator, CordZero stick vacuum, Styler, dishwasher, water purifier, washing machine and dryer. Universal UP’s Easy Handle Kit comes with detachable handles for the door and the detergent drawer for LG’s washer. The handles have been designed to facilitate accessibility for users with diminished manual dexterity or wrist strength to grasp the washer’s pocket handles. The kit also offers high-contrast color options created to accommodate conditions such as amblyopia. Other aid kits from the Universal UP portfolio include the Assistant Kit. This detachable, wheeled strut redistributes the weight of LG’s CordZero stick vacuum, offering enhanced control and maneuverability. The Easy Hanger Kit introduces a long handle with a circular grip to the Styler’s clothes hangers, allowing wheelchair users to easily place them on the Moving Hanger system at the top of LG’s clothing care cabinet. Additionally, LG will introduce the Rotate Shelf Kit to increase the usability of the refrigerator’s shelves and the Easy Nozzle Kit, which attaches to the water purifier and elevates accessibility through height- and distance adjustability. The water purifier can also be upgraded for those with visual impairments by adding the Silicon Cover with Braille.