Why do certified components in end products matter in the marketplace? Find out in the UL Solutions’ webinar


Certified components in end products are increasingly important in the marketplace. The advantages are essential whether you manufacture components or end products. Adopting a safety-by-design approach places user safety at the forefront of appliance development to prevent harm rather than to remediate after the fact.
However, safe appliances and extended appliance lifetime aren’t just consumer demands. European governments are driving manufacturers to take responsibility for their appliance products’ environmental impact, urging them to make sure they can remain in use for as long as possible. Increasing appliances’ repairability level is one way to extend their lifetime and support more sustainable production and consumption.
To reflect on these issues, UL Solutions proposes the webinar “Appliances and Components: an overview of safety and repairability” on November 21st at 3 PM.

SIGN UP for the webinar! Participants will receive a promotional code for a 10% discount on testing and certification services related to component certification and/or appliance repairability.

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