Assogalvanica rectifies a fake news: chrome plating will not be banned from 2024

Picture: WOKANDAPIX from Pixabay

Assogalvanica (Italian Association of Galvanic Industries) announces that a fake news has recently appeared in some media. “It is false – the Association explains – that from 2024 the chrome plating will be banned throughout Europe.
Europe cannot ban the chrome plating (chrome finishes) because it is made of chromium metal and, therefore, is absolutely harmless as well as beautiful and functional against rust and wear. Chrome plating can today be made by the galvanic industry using non-hazardous substances and there is no reason to ban it. The use of dangerous substances to produce chrome plating is limited to some applications for which no technological alternative currently exists. Even in this case, however, the chrome plating does not pose any risk to the user. On the contrary, we repeat, the chrome plating is absolutely harmless as well as hygienic (it can be cleaned better than any other surface) and totally recyclable”.
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