A novelty from Hoover to clean easily in the corners


A cordless vacuum cleaner with an innovative design to respond to a real consumer need: corners are the most difficult areas to reach. From this HFX was born, the new Hoover solution. This product gets transformed with one movement: user can remove the traditional brush and the Corner Genie takes over. This is an integrated and highly manoeuvrable solution, designed to reach every part of the house easily, especially the most difficult areas to clean, like corners and stairs. Moreover, thanks to its slimline design, the HFX can be folded over in a single movement, halving the space it takes up so that it can be stored in even the tightest places (62 cm). In order to reach greater efficiency, the dust container is located at the bottom of the appliance so that vacuumed dust has less distance to travel. And the no-touch emptying technology eliminates contact with dust. The product comes with a five-year guarantee and requires minimal maintenance, partly thanks to the main brush’s Anti-Twist technology, which prevents tangles forming in collected hair. Besides, Hoover offers four models to meet the needs of every consumer: the HFX Home Edition is the cordless electric vacuum cleaner that allows to reach every corner, while the HFX Pets Edition is conceived in particular for homes where pets live. Both models are also available in a double-battery version for cleaning larger spaces. Finally, the appliances comes with accessories like the flexible 60 cm telescopic nozzle and the 2-in-1 brush for collecting dust and for cleaning furniture.