Bosch dryers reach the class A+++ -10%


Bosch has launched its new Series 8 heat pump dryers, which reach the class A+++ -10% ensuring a high level of energy efficiency. The heat pump technology significantly reduces the environmental impact thanks also to the use of R290 propane gas. The self-cleaning condenser uses the condensation water produced during the drying in order to remove the lint that settles on it in each cycle and which, over time, tends to reduce the efficiency: this process is carried out for up to 4 times for each drying cycle, keeping the condenser constantly clean. The new models are equipped with advanced functions such as Iron Assist (a steam treatment that softens the garments, reduces the creases and refreshes clothes by removing the odors), Hygiene Plus (against germs, bacteria, mites and common allergens) and the option for reduced loads. Furthermore, with the Sheets program an alternating bidirectional rotation is carried out to avoid the tangling of the items: in this way large and small items can be dried together. The dryers can be connected to the Home Connect app which offers additional programs and constant software updates. Besides, with Smart Dry – thanks to the wireless technology and the Home Connect app – the washing machine sends the information of the last wash cycle to the dryer, such as the load quantity and the residual humidity: the dryer then automatically selects the most suitable drying program for the washed laundry.