The “wine ecosystem” of Haier Europe


In addition to the connected wine cellars, which can be managed with the hOn app, Haier Europe expanded its product offering for wine lovers with new accessories available in different combinations. They include the electric bottle opener, the tulip aerator for pouring wine without splashing, the vacuum stopper (which helps preserve quality and aromas) and the foil cutter to easily remove any decorative foil. The set is rechargeable and available in two versions: one battery-powered with charging base and one with USB cable. Furthermore, the company also offers a basic set (which includes the tulip aerator and the vacuum stopper) and the glacette, made with a double layer of stainless steel, anti-rust, dishwasher safe and recyclable. Finally, Haier Europe also created the Wine Set Promo Bundle, which consists of a rechargeable bottle opener, tulip aerator, vacuum pump, 2 stoppers and a thermal glacette. To complete the user experience, on the hOn app consumers can find information on new trends, search for the best combinations with food and purchase new bottles.