Three drawers and 400 liter capacity in the new KitchenAid refrigerator


The KitchenAid Total No Frost Tall 400 built-in refrigerator is designed with 3 drawers with different characteristics. The FreshSeal drawer, thanks to the antibacterial mat, helps preserve the optimal state of fruit and vegetables for up to 15 days and reduces bacteria by up to 99%. The Dynamic Fresh Zone multi-temperature drawer is instead equipped with a knob that allows user to change the temperature on three different settings, depending on the type of food (meat and fish, dairy products, fruit and vegetables). Besides, the Prep Zone drawer maintains the ideal humidity for snacks and delicate products, such as dough and flour-based recipes. The refrigerator also has a fully foldable shelf and some containers for use in the internal door. A further feature of the appliance is its large capacity of up to 400 litres. Finally, among the technological pluses of the product, the Total No Frost system, the Metal Multi Flow technology (the cold air is distributed evenly in the fridge compartment, through the shelves and in every corner) and the patented Push to Open mechanism (to open the door with a simple push) stand out.