Innex washing machine with Steam Technology


The Indesit Innex washing machine offers consumers the benefits of steam. The Push&Go Steam program, in fact, thanks to the Steam Technology, facilitates the ironing of washed items. By simply pressing the blue button, it is possible to start a wash cycle at 30°C which lasts less than one hour: during the last 15 minutes of the cycle, the steam is introduced into the drum so as to make the fabrics softer for facilitate the ironing. The benefits of steam are also exploited in two further special programmes: Cottons+Steam and Shirts+Steam (40°C). In addition to the Steam function, the Innex washing machine also satisfies another need: obtaining effective results against stains through short washes, which also allow energy savings. The appliance offers three Extra Rapid programs at full load, which last less than one hour like the Full Load 45 min. to wash even the most stubborn stains and the Rapid 20 min., ideal for smaller laundry loads such as sportswear. Finally, for those who choose detergent in PODS format, the Innex washing machine features a special DashPods cycle, optimized for the use of this type of detergent, to obtain effective results at 30°C in one hour. The appliance is equipped with an inverter motor which guarantees high energy efficiency and reduces vibrations. Furthermore, the Water Balance Plus sensor allows user to optimize the water consumption by ensuring the use of the necessary quantity based on the load inserted.