CES 2024 | Whirlpool Corp. unveils the SlimTech Insulation Technology


Whirlpool Corporation unveils SlimTech, the VIS (vacuum insulated structure) technology for refrigerators. “SlimTech Insulation Technology – the company says – starts with a proprietary, highly porous powder blend. That powder is vacuum-sealed within the door or sides of the refrigerator itself, removing the need for bulky polyurethane foam insulation and reducing the wall thickness by up to 66% – allowing for up to 25% more capacity inside the refrigerator. This technology will make its debut later this year on the doors of select JennAir luxury 30 in. SlimTech Insulation Column refrigerators, and will roll out more broadly in KitchenAid refrigerators in the future, utilizing the technology for the entire structure”. The SlimTech Insulation Technology also unlocks the potential for more discreet refrigeration spaces that could be seamlessly brought to other rooms of the house or be contained within other pieces of furniture. In addition to design and capacity benefits, the material used has the potential to be recycled, reducing the overall environmental impact of refrigerators.