Innovation, quality and sustainability


These are the three key words for Erikoglu, a manufacturer of enamelled copper wires for a wide range of applications from household appliances to automotive and renewable energy generation and transmission.

Offering advanced technological answers in line with industry needs, but also protecting the health of its employees and promoting a sustainable industrial approach. These are the three pillars of the activities of Erikoglu Emaye, a Turkish company specialising in the production and distribution of enamelled copper wires since 1972. The product range encompasses between 0.05 and 4 millimetres (AWG 44 – AWG 6) of enamelled copper wires according to IEC and NEMA standards, as well as on the basis of customer specifications and requirements, for a production capacity that has grown to 15,000 tonnes per year and a field of application that includes electric motors, transformers, generators, household appliances and power tools.
Also contributing to Erikoglu’s industrial development process is the investment in human resources, promoted to make the company even better at providing a rapid response to manufacturers’ needs.

Currently, Erikoglu Emaye exports its products to nearly 50 countries in Europe, America, the Middle East, Asia, and Africa. Erikoglu Emaye was awarded as its contribution to success of export of Turkey by the Ministry of Economy of Turkey in 2014-2023 by keeping its rank in top three enameled copper wire exporters in 2023 as well.
Erikoglu Emaye with a focus on supplying high-quality products to the Italian market has established itself as a leading player in the industry more than 20 years. The commitment to quality and innovation has allowed Erikoglu Emaye to become a trusted supplier in Italy and beyond. With a strong emphasis on meeting the specific needs of Italian customers, the products adhere to rigorous industry standards and deliver reliable, efficient performance. The dedication to customer satisfaction and the expertise in enamelled copper wire production make Erikoglu Emaye a go-to choice for businesses and industries in Italy seeking superior electrical solutions.

The advantages of enameled copper wire
Enameled copper wire is copper wire coated with a layer of insulation, typically made of enamel or varnish. This insulating layer serves several essential purposes.
Regarding electrical insulation, enameled copper wire prevents electrical short circuits and interference by insulating the copper conductor. This is vital for the safe and reliable operation of electrical and electronic devices.
For thermal resistance, copper has excellent thermal conductivity, but in many applications, it is necessary to resist high temperatures. Enameled copper wire’s insulation helps maintain the integrity of the wire in hot environments, ensuring that it continues to function properly.
For durability, the insulation on enameled copper wire protects it from abrasion, corrosion, and other external factors that could lead to wear and tear. This durability is especially important in applications where wires are subject to mechanical stress.

Fields of use for enameled copper wire
Fields of use for enameled copper wire include several industrial sectors. For electronics and electrical appliances it is used in a wide range of components, including transformers, inductors, coils, and printed circuit boards. Its excellent electrical conductivity ensures efficient power transmission in devices such as smartphones, computers, and household appliances. In the automotive sector, enameled copper wire is employed in various components, including ignition coils, sensors, and wiring harnesses. It withstands the demanding conditions of a car’s engine, contributing to the reliability and performance of vehicles.
Enameled copper wire plays also a crucial role in the renewable energy sector, particularly in wind turbines and solar panels. It is used in generators and motors, where its ability to operate in harsh environmental conditions and efficiently transmit energy contributes to the generation of clean, sustainable power.
Telecommunication networks rely on enameled copper wire for cabling, antennas, and connectors. Its high electrical conductivity and resistance to signal interference ensure reliable data transmission and communication.
The aerospace and defense industries use enameled copper wire in radar systems, avionics, and communication equipment. Its lightweight design and resistance to extreme temperatures and electromagnetic interference are vital for these critical applications.
For the medical equipment field, enameled copper wire is essential in medical devices such as MRI machines, X-ray equipment, and patient monitoring systems. Its precision and resistance to electromagnetic interference contribute to the accuracy and safety of medical procedures.
In power generation and distribution, enameled copper wire is used in transformers, generators, and transmission lines. Its high electrical conductivity minimizes energy loss during long-distance transmission, enhancing the efficiency and reliability of electrical grids.