From Megaseal to Meccanotecnica Turkey


In 2020 Meccanotecnica Umbra (production of mechanical seals) finalised the acquisition of Megaseal in Turkey. The company focused on the operational aspect after aligning safety standards and corporate directives. It significantly invested in CNC machines and replaced manual lathes with automatic ones. Moreover, it created a work centre and updated existing machinery. More efficient machines were added, optimising the testing part. Since Meccanotecnica Umbra acquired Megaseal, this passed from a turnover of 8.7 million Turkish lira to 33.6 million in 2023. Özenç Faik Köroğlu, General Manager of Mtu Turkey, talks about the transformation from Megaseal to Meccanotecnica Turkey.

What does it mean to transform a family business into a multinational company?
This question can be analysed from several perspectives based on two main concepts: changing habits and trusting the process. A family business is more result-oriented. It requires sudden decisions, which can lead to mistakes, sometimes. In multinational companies, results are achieved by following the rules, adapting to the changes accordingly. There’s less room for errors. However, I believe that the biggest change in this process is the concept of trust. Being aware of our strengths and trusting the process are extremely important. Being part of Meccanotecnica Umbra enhances this trust.

Can Meccanotecnica Turkey become a business facilitator for other Meccanotecnica Umbra’s markets, such as automotive and household appliances?
Yes, of course! We have worked on this matter for the past two years. Regarding the household appliance market, one of the group’s major clients is in Turkey. And we have other clients and prospects outside this country. The same applies to the automotive sector. We can effectively support the headquarters in production or technical processes. And communication can serve as a bridge in processes that need quick solutions.