Samsung: new Series 7 JetClean dishwashers


Samsung Electronics Italia launches the Series 7 JetClean built-in dishwashers. The new range, equipped with connectivity and Artificial Intelligence, aims to reduce the energy waste with models in A-10% class that use 7.9 liters of water for a washing cycle. Furthermore, with the AI Energy mode it is possible to obtain energy savings of up to 23%. The new models can be monitored remotely via the Samsung SmartThings app to set washing cycles and receive notifications of completed washing and even diagnostics. The Series 7 JetClean range presents the WaterJet Clean system which, thanks to its particular design, allows water to flow more powerfully and uniformly into every area of the dishwasher for a deep cleaning even at low temperatures. Drying is optimized with a system composed of two fans that maximize the air circulation. When the internal temperature reaches 50 degrees, the system automatically opens the dishwasher door, letting the steam escape. Finally, the racks are flexible and the internal design is customizable to easily organize any load, up to 14 place settings.