Electrolux: 13 new fridge-freezers with recycled plastic


Electrolux presents 13 new fridge-freezers, designed with a sustainable perspective. These products, in fact, are characterized by internal linings made with 70% plastic coming from disused refrigerators. From a technological point of view, the GreenZone drawer (which guarantees the preservation of 95% of the vitamins in fruit and vegetables for over 11 days) and the Extra Chill drawer (ideal for storing cured meats and cheeses as it maintains a lower temperature compared to the rest of the refrigerator, with active circulation of cold air) stand out in various models. The TwinTech Total No Frost Plus refrigeration system, with a double independent cooling system, maintains constant temperature and humidity, preserving the organoleptic properties of the nutrients. Finally, the Ecometer device, through an LCD display, guides users towards environmentally friendly energy choices.