Three new wood stoves from Edilkamin


Edilkamin‘s new products for 2024 include three new wood stoves: Krio, Klass and Body. These appliances are characterized by the search for increasingly sustainable solutions, through the integration of technologies that guarantee more controlled energy consumption, lower emissions and greater durability of the products. The new stoves ensure dust emission of -80% compared to the European Ecodesign and French Flamme Verte requirements and -68% compared to the Italian 5-star requirements. Furthermore, the three appliances can contain wood logs up to 37 cm horizontally, guarantee a wide view of the flame and have an ash drawer and a storage compartment with “push pull” opening.

Klass, Krio and Body wood stoves.

Krio, in particular, has an essential and compact design, features a cast iron door with automatic soft-close mechanism and, as an option, can offer inertial heat accumulation with refractory rings to release heat throughout the night even with the fire off. It is also available in the Krio GL version with glass front. Besides, Klass has an “hourglass” design and also features a door with automatic soft-close mechanism and a version with glass front (Klass GL). Finally, Body is a ductable and ventilable wood stove with a storage compartment with a steel or ceramic front.