MCE 2024 | Zoppas Industries: solutions that contribute to sustainable environmental development


Zoppas Industries Heating Element Technologies is exhibiting its latest solutions at MCE 2024. “We are able – the company explains – to meet every need with regards to the study and production of heating elements and heating systems with electronic controls, thanks to the accumulated experience and constant innovation”. The company specializes in the creation of intelligent electric heating solutions that contribute to sustainable environmental development. “With a global presence boasting over 8000 employees and 15 production sites across Europe, America, and Asia, ZIHET plays a pivotal role in various application areas that permeate daily life – the company adds –. These applications span from coffee machines and electric cars to satellites, forming an integral part of both household and industrial settings”.

B-score in the CDP’s annual climate change assessment
Zoppas Industries Heating Elements Technologies has earned a B-score in the CDP’s annual climate change assessment. The CDP, formerly known as the Carbon Disclosure Project, is a globally recognized non-profit that measures companies’ environmental performance. This score puts Zoppas Industries in the Management band, which is an acknowledgement of the company taking coordinated action on climate issues. The score reflects the strategies for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, mitigating climate risks, and driving sustainable growth. The company has implemented several initiatives, including investing in energy-efficient production processes (Zoppas has upgraded its facilities with advanced technologies that minimize energy consumption and waste generation. Furthermore, the company is progressively implementing the use of green energy in production plants); developing eco-friendly heating element solutions (the product portfolio increasingly features energy-efficient heating elements that comply with stricter environmental regulations); and promoting transparency and accountability.