MCE 2024 | Hisense’s latest innovations for climatic comfort


Hisense is showing its latest innovations in the field of residential, commercial and industrial air conditioning at MCE 2024. Among these are Mini VRF R32 and Mini VRF R32 Modular, for medium and large surfaces and in addition to the new generation of VRF “Top Flow”, in which Hisense introduces the low GWP R32 refrigerant offering an ecological and advanced solution for achieve CO2 emission targets and to comply with the regulation on fluorinated gases. Another proposed solution is Hi-Therma Monobloc R290: this heat pump stands out for its low carbon emissions and environmental protection, A+++ efficiency level and an outlet water temperature of up to 75°C without an electric heater. Furthermore, it also stands out for its total black design and numerous smart functions. Finally, as regards to the residential air conditioners, the new Energy Pro X range boasts the energy efficiency class A+++, uses the environmentally friendly R32 gas and the DC Inverter compressor to minimize the environmental impact. Besides, these products are equipped with the AI Smart function which combines the action of the Smart Eye presence detector and the AI function.