Ironing: from boring task to quick and easy activity


Electrolux’s new line of irons and the new steam boiler have been designed to make ironing clothes a less tiring and quicker task. The E5SI2-6OG, E7SI2-6OG and E8SI2-8OG models are equipped with specific programs for different types of fabric, including wool, cotton and linen and the technical materials that distinguish the outdoor garments. Thanks to the integrated anti-scale system, it is possible to keep the appliance always efficient. The front light allows optimal visibility during the use, while the tank (which, depending on the model, has a capacity of 250 or 370 ml) ensures long autonomy. The power varies from 2,400 to 2,800 W, while the automatic steam regulation and the preset temperatures allow user to easily adapt the setting to every need. Furthermore, the auto shut-off guarantees safety and energy saving. Finally, these products are available in green and grey colours.
As for the E8ST2-8OG steam boiler, it offers a 1.2 liter tank and a preparation time of just 90 seconds. In addition, it is equipped with ceramic plates with 264 holes and an anti-scale cartridge. The digital interface and the touch handle make use intuitive and comfortable, while the auto-off function guarantees safety.