Olimpia Splendid talks about the evolution of Unico


Olimpia Splendid unveiled the new generation of Unico, the heat pump air conditioners without outdoor unit. “The new aesthetics of Unico – the result of the collaboration between Olimpia Splendid and Marco Michele Rossi of Newtone Architects – is recognizable by the total flat monobloc shell, the clean and minimal lines, which hosts the latest generation backlit display and embraces an internal metal structure, a guarantee of solidity and durability – the company explains –. All in just 18 cm of depth: a reduced thickness that allows integrated installation, both on high and low walls, even in the smallest rooms of the house. Inside: completely renewed technology, in a rationalized, easy-maintenance design. Low-vibration Twin Rotary compressor, state-of-the-art electronics with integrated Wi-Fi, low-noise condensate pump are just some of the new components that find their strength in their perfect synchronization. Indeed, the evolution of this category includes the introduction of an innovative Sync Power System which, like a sort of control room, ensures the coordinated and harmonious operation of each element, to increase performance and guarantee the silence of the entire unit. The new generation of Unico is therefore more efficient in all operating modes and offers greater acoustic comfort, especially at low frequencies, when it is the most silent Unico by Olimpia Splendid ever. With the Silent Mode activated, it reaches a maximum of 30 dB(A) of sound pressure, even when the compressor is running”.
The research and development work has also paid the attention to the environmental impact of the product as well as of the production process, consistently with the company’s 2040 Carbon Neutrality goal. “The new Unico – Olimpia Splendid adds – is therefore designed based on a careful LCA (Life Cycle Assessment), carried out to assess the environmental footprint throughout its entire life cycle, and produced in a high-efficiency smart factory, powered 100% by electricity from renewable sources, 50% of which is self-produced on-site. Moreover, the technological heart of the product is an innovative refrigeration circuit that uses the natural refrigerant R290 with a GWP (global warming potential) almost equal to zero. And to make sustainable comfort a standard within everyone’s reach, a new circuit with 5 mm batteries has been designed, allowing up to 2.5 kW of cooling power to be achieved with a refrigerant charge lower than the 152 gr, as required by regulations. The new Unico can thus be installed in all environments, without minimum limits of floor space and installation height”. Finally, the new generation of Unico can be connected to home automation systems or controlled by smartphones and tablets, using the OS Home app.