Whirlpool’s new EcoPlayer platform


Whirlpool has launched the new EcoPlayer platform which supports consumers in making more sustainable decisions: from choosing a new energy efficient appliance, to giving a second life to a reconditioned product, or following some simple tips to act in a more “green” way. In particular, among the novelties available on the platform, there are the new Eco Player Boxes, practical solutions that allow to cook while reducing waste production or to keep the dishwasher and washing machine clean and free of limescale so as to keep them efficient for longer.

“Those who want to buy a new Whirlpool oven or hob – the company explains – are already choosing a product to be able to cook intuitively, but with the addition of the Eco Player Box saving kit they can also discover even more efficient ways of cooking. This accessory set includes a silicone mat for oven (a sustainable alternative to the baking paper) and a dishwasher safe cooking basket. In addition to reduce waste, switching to a reusable mat can help consumers save up to €60 a year. The cooking basket, on the other hand, is an accessory that shows how a new approach can make the daily activities easier and more energy efficient. In fact, it allows user to boil two foods at the same time, in a single pot, using half the amount of energy, saving time and space”. Besides, when purchasing a dishwasher, washing machine or dryer, consumers have the option to purchase the EcoPlayer longevity kit which helps extend the life, efficiency and performance of the appliance. “This kit – the company adds – includes the WPRO descaler and degreaser, which effectively reduces the limescale deposits and prevents odors, as well as the WPRO magnetic descaler useful for reducing the limescale on the heating elements, the energy consumption and the use of detergents”.