Moulinex Dual Easy Fry & Grill, the air fryer with two baskets


Dual Easy Fry & Grill is the new Moulinex air fryer in XXL format. It is equipped with two baskets (5.2 and 3.1 liters respectively) and 8 pre-set programs (French fries, Chicken, Vegetables, Fish, Dessert, Dehydration, Manual mode and Grill). In particular, the Grill function allows user to cook meat, fish and vegetables while keeping the food juicy. Besides, thanks to the Extra-Crisp air frying technology, crispy results are achieved with little or no oil. Further advantages of the product are the possibility of finding recipes and tips on the Moulinex app and the 15-year repairability guarantee. Finally, as regards to the cleaning, the baskets and grill are dishwasher safe.