Cooperation between Confindustria Ceced Italia and Confindustria Alberghi to increase the sustainability


Associations Confindustria Ceced Italia (Italian association of household and professional appliances manufacturers) and Confindustria Alberghi (Italian hoteliers association) collaborate to present to owners and managers of hotels the advantages that derive from the use of professional equipments with high energy efficiency, produced by companies in Italy. In this regard, to support these needs, Unicredit bank will allocate an initial ceiling of € 300 million (with a maximum of € 3 million for every operation). The timing for the settlement of debt will have a duration of 22 years for the mortgage financing (2 for pre-amortization). Values and benefits of these appliances are shown to members in a series of conferences organized by Confindustria Ceced Italia and Confindustria Alberghi in Rome, Milan, Florence, Venice in the next months.