Information campaign on the new electrical appliances for heating


Some members of GIFAM (French association of manufacturers of appliances), operating in the heating sector, have recently launched an information campaign on new generation electrical appliances for heating. Currently in France, nearly 15 million of electrical appliances for heating dates back to the 1970s and 1980s. These first generation devices consume a lot and do not provide a satisfactory thermal comfort. The innovations in terms of design and technology (such as, for example, electronic temperature control systems, indicators of consumption and programming devices) and the use of modern materials and components allow in fact an optimized energy efficiency, allowing the appliance to return the 100% of the energy consumed in the form of heat. To illustrate the features of the modern electrical appliances for heating and encourage the replacement of the old equipments was created the site The members of GIFAM who launched the initiative are the group Atlantic (Atlantic, Jumping, Thermor), the group Muller (AIRELEC, APPLIMO, Campa, Noirot) and Zehnder Group (Acova, Runtal, Zehnder). They employ nearly 5,000 people in France at 17 manufacturing sites.