The art of self-management and rendering


HA08_WSGO_CORSIIn November and December, Tecniche Nuove Formazione, in partnership with AM4 Software Training Center, organizes at its premises four training courses intended for design and communication professionals. One of the four courses will be held on 7th and 8th November and will be focused on the learning of the Autodesk 3DS Max software for the creation of photo-realistic Rendering with Mental Ray (Code: 10R). In the same period (7th and 8th November),it is scheduled the Autodesk Inventor Professional course (Code: 25R) on the dynamic simulation in the field of mechanical and plant engineering 3D design addressed to industrial engineers and designers. On November 21st and 22nd , it will be held the Autodesk Inventor Professional course (Code: 24R), still devised for industrial engineers and designers to teach them how to use at best the software Autodesk for the design of tubes and ducts inside the projects of industrial machinery and plants. The fourth course, scheduled on December 12th and 13th, is called Smart Working with Apple devices (Code: 26R), and it is a course aimed at informing about the instruments made available by Apple and Adobe to organize one’s own work, also without the availability of an office. Participants will have to attend the courses provided with a personal portable PC. For informations: and