Smeg won the Brand Storytelling Award


Smeg50style_brand_award_smeg22After picking up an award at the Interactive Key Awards for the design of, Smeg has also won the “Brand Storytelling Award”. The recognition was given for a social platform which uses the storytelling both as a way to describe the products and as a device for socialising and involving the audience. At the heart of the site there is a digital storytelling shared between Smeg and its network of users, who are involved emotively in the SMEGazine section by short brand stories on the 50s Style products, then they share their own pictures in the 50s Fun area. Besides, the Creative Lab section issues challenges to the network in the form of competitions to co-create content. The site also excels in its primary purpose: to provide visitors with complete information on the products. The webside is also highly social: it uses informal language and playful forms of interaction; its graphics involves the visitor, but it is extremely clean nevertheless.