Electrolux has rewarded its best suppliers


Electrolux-Supplier-Awards-2015-001-Header-940x520During the third Supplier Awards, Electrolux has rewarded its best suppliers. The winners were choosen in the categories Supplier Excellence, Supplier Innovation and Global Logistics. The first category recognizes operational excellence in product development, price competitiveness, quality and the supply chain, as well as social and environmental practices. “Suppliers nominated for this award – the company explains – have demonstrated a sustainable performance record that enables Electrolux factories to produce the most competitive home appliances with the best quality”. The second category concerns the collaboration between Electrolux and its suppliers to develop new innovative components, while the third category recognizes the shipping company that provides the highest quality of service, on-time delivery, performance, cost competitiveness and sustainability practices. “We see our suppliers as partners – commented Jan Brockmann, Chief Operations Officer of Electrolux -, playing a crucial role in innovation. The solutions we jointly created have helped increase our competitiveness. Thanks to this collaboration, we have identified new business ideas and brought value to consumers”. The thirty-nine finalists gathered for the event at Electrolux headquarters in Stockholm. Here are the winners:
-Supplier Excellence category: Rechi, Oldrati, Pennant Moldings, Baosteel, Liba, Elec-Tech International, Luvata
-Supplier Innovation category: Eurokera, Panasonic, OMS-Besser Group, Hettich, Concord, Cinderson Motor
-Global Logistics category: Mitsui O.S.K Lines.