Sorting? Household appliances do that


HA_NL_22_12_RECYCLEWho, in front of a particularly “ambiguous” waste, has not faced the dilemma of where to throw it away for addressing it to a correct recycling? Recycle Bot is the household appliance that promises settling all these doubts because it subdivides wastes according to the materials with which they are made. Internet gives it the information, since it recognizes the barcode positioned on the object, which is addressed to the right container; if instead the barcode is not recognized, the display shows an invitation to press the key corresponding to the material that you want to throw away. The following time Recycle Bot recognizes the waste as “known” and already knows where to recycle it. The household appliance can be integrated into a domestic cooker, put under the top on which only the inlet to insert the waste remains but not only. The certainty of a correct recycling might avoid fines to the companies whose employees do not deposit wastes correctly; besides, municipal firms might have in real time the control on what waste type is collected and in what quantity, in order to organize the collection in the most advantageous manner.

Damiano Franco, who has devised it, is a programmer who attended a master at Bocconi in “Manager of information systems”.