Paradisi becomes a Benefit Corporation

Sandro Paradisi, president of Paradisi, during the event “ToBe - Equilibrium and dynamics of being Benefit”.
Sandro Paradisi, president of Paradisi, during the event “ToBe – Equilibrium and dynamics of being Benefit”.

In occasion of the “Integrated Reporting Paradisi 2015” presentation during the event “ToBe – Equilibrium and dynamics of being Benefit”, Paradisi has announced its transformation in Benefit Corporation (first company in the Marche Region). With the “2016 Stability Law”, the draft law “Dispositions for the diffusion of companies that pursue the dual objective of profit and common good” has been implemented: the draft law has introduced in Italy the Benefit Corporation typology. On the B-Corp American model, now it’s possible to have also in Italy a new way of doing business that represents the third way between profit and non profit companies. The Benefit corporations, in fact, are companies that, in addition to their economic activity, also have the goal of improving the natural and social environment in which they operate, using practices, production processes and assets that create positive effects, and allocating a part of their resources for the wellbeing of people and communities. The event “ToBe – Equilibrium and dynamics of being Benefit”, created by the Art Director Giuliano De Minicis, has proposed theatrical readings and virtuous and innovative experiences. The authorities who took part in the event were numerous, including the President of the Regional Council Antonio Mastrovincenzo, the Honourable Piergiorgio Carrescia, the Regional Councillor Enzo Giancarli, the Mayor of Jesi Massimo Bacci and other representatives of the territory. After the introduction of the President Sandro Paradisi, who explained the reasons of the path taken by the company, the video of the Senator Mauro del Barba was shown. He is the first signatory of the decree on the Benefit Corp and he has presented the results achieved during the first months after the entry into force of the normative: thirty-two companies already become Benefit corporations and another 50 Italian companies that will become it. Besides, many guests were present: Ilaria Gasparri, (accountant) has presented the company’s first Integrated Reporting, and Patrizia Angeli (President of the National Association of the Engineers for Prevention and Emergencies) has talked about the coordination of the technicians who have worked as volunteers in the areas affected by the recent earthquake in Central Italy. Giuliano Fattorini, Mechatronics teacher, has talked about his experience with the Nao robot for the teaching activity and he has thanked for the special relationship that joins the Paradisi company with the school in which he is engaged. Federico Zenobi, Writer and Street Artist, has explained his concept of public art and he was the author of an artwork created at the company, inspired by the concept of “dynamic equilibrium”. Simone Grassi, founding member of “Nino Pesciolino fish on the road”, has told about an innovative experience in the restaurant industry, born from the synergy of skills resulting from different areas. Finally, Massimiliano Colombi, sociologist of the WWELL Research Center (Catholic University – Milan), has proposed some thoughts on what emerged during the event, while the conclusion has been entrusted to the actress Beatrice Petrucci, who has proposed her readings accompanied by the music of Simone Mosca, pleasant moments among the speeches that have held during the event.