Miele launches SmartBiz


SmartBiz is the name of a new series of appliances from Miele, available from January 2020 for the commercial laundry care. It includes washing machines and dryers with a 7 kg load capacity – built for up to three cycles a day, for instance in guesthouses or restaurants. Components made from stainless steel such as the drum assembly, the drum ribs and the machine fascia as well as cast-iron counterweights provide the foundation for years of reliable use. Besides, replaceable drum bearings ensure simple repairs and maintenance, making these machines long-term investments. Both the washing machine and the dryer are tested to last 15,000 operating hours or 10,000 programme cycles. The washing machine and dryer achieve an A+++ energy efficiency rating: Cottons 60°C requires only 49 litres of water. “The heat-pump dryer gets by in the standard Cottons programme with electricity consumption of 1.02 kWh – the company explains -. This equates to savings of up to 75% compared with many commercial condenser dryers in the same size category – and results in clear cost reductions. The dryer offers additional options such as a programme to loosen damp woollen loads or one to take the creases out of textiles”. Besides, the machine installation is simple as these models come ready for plug-and-play installation. These products are certified according to the Machinery Directive and can therefore be put to commercial use.